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Landscape Design & 3D Models

Examples shown below are those available to me for publishing,
Please reach out for recent professional landscape design portfolio examples.

• Process drawings & concept development
• 3D models
• Plant Palette
• Plant Schedule

Digital Sketchbook, Autocad, Sketchup

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Architectural Folly Design

Heavy concept development of an architectural folly to be installed at a non-profit center for single mothers experiencing homelessness while attending college.
Architectural Folly - A building constructed primarily for decoration, but suggesting through its appearance some other purpose.

Design represents a testimate to the journey a mother must take to achieve self efficacy.

• Process drawings & concept development
• Two 3D Models built to be used for light study

Digital Sketchbook, Wooden Dowels, Foam Core

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Architectural Drafting

Non-Profit Layout Proposal

City owned commercial building located on the historic San Marcos, TX town square. My proposal incorporates all three levels of the building, including office/restaurant space on the ground floor, and residential space on the second and third floors. The building will serve as a non-profit shelter to assist single mothers experiencing homelessness while attending Texas State University.

Client Requirements:
Level 1:
• Adequate office space for management and staff, as well as group treatment/activity spaces intended for the well-being of residents.
• Publicly accessible restaurant with seating to accommodate 150+ guests. The restaurant will serve as an income resource for residents who are able to work as restaurant staff while not in class.
Level 2, 3:
• Communal living, cooking, and dining spaces as well as sleeping pod design and layout arrangement suited to house 14+ residents per floor.

• Documentation of space planning and layout proposal for all levels
• Section view of building and concept renderings of select spaces
• Sleeping pod design and layout proposal for residential floors

Digital Sketchbook, Autocad

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Kitchen Remodel Proposal

Tasked with a complete remodel of a residential kitchen built in the 1930's. Project required an on-site inspection of the university owned property in order to record dimensions and specifications, as well as to gain a better understanding of the space to assist in concept development.

• Complete documentationn of the design proposal
• Cabinet and furnishing selections


Size (print):
20" x 30"

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Townhouse Floorplan Proposal

Client provided architectural footprint of a 1,235 sf single story townhome. Tasked with creating a floorpan proposal satisfying the clients' specific lifestyle requirements.

Client Criteria:
Layout suited for two; Millennial aged couple.
Both are working professionals who plan to start their family together.
They enjoy staying physically active and practice yoga most mornings.
They love to entertain friends and family, so a comfortable space to host dinner parties, as well as overnight guests is essential.

• Hand drafted floorpan proposal.
• Style Sheet
• Two elevation renderings

Pencil, Micron Pen, Rulers, Architectural Scale

20" x 30"

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A small collection of interior design style/mood boards as well as space planning concept development examples, including;

Material Selections, Color Studies, Layout Proposals, & Style Abstractions

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A small sampling of DIY projects including;

Cabinetry, Furniture & Leisure Pieces

I typically work with wood and built most the furniture items in my home, including the desk I used while building this website.

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A broad collection of hand drawn and digitally drawn illustration work including;

Communication Drawings • Perspective & Line Work • Elevation Renderings
Furniture Studies • Male Form Studies (mild adult nudity)

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A sampling of underwater aqua-scapes I've created including; Aquarium & Terrarium Scapes.

Enjoy my miniature worlds intended to reflect nature's delicacy and beauty.

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