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The Challenge

Padx changed the game by streamlining the home buying and selling process. By cutting out the middle man, Padx users can save thousands on closing costs and fees.

Now, Padx is ready to bring that magic to today’s generation of renters.

The high level goals:

1. Re-imagine the rental search experience to reflect aspects of dating app experience.
2. Create a space where users can find their next home, and next roommate.
3. Provide an experience that captures true compatibility for users.
4. Discover opprotunity for community impact.
5. Create an experience that resonates with Pro users.


Myself - Design Lead
Naomi Suen - Project Manager
Atlas Blake - Research Lead


As design lead, I facilitated our design concept and strategy thoughout the research phase and into completion of the high fidelity prototype.

Additionally I assisted in User research and testing in the initial stages of the sprint.


15 Day Design Sprint
Product Launch TBD


Figma, Miro, Trello, Illustrator,
Notability, Pen and Paper


Today's generation of renters are looking for a fun & engaging way to take control while finding their next roommate & place to call home because current platforms do bot consider those seeking compatibility.


How might we create a socially engaging experience for renters of today to not only meet their next roommate but also their next home to rent?


We believe by reimagining the matching capabilities of homes & roommates, Padx will support rental seekers with the means & confidence to find their next space.

We will know the to be true when beta tests report a positive response to the newly integrated home & roommate matching features.

All the information in this case study is my own, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Padx.



As with any successful design approach, I dove into user and market research.

To parallel home and roommate matching, we needed to really understand what other companies were offering and what we could do better.

This analysis reflects only the most prominent companies our team researched


Six individuals were asked a serious of questions pertaining to their experiences using rental apps, and past roommate dynamics.

Heres what they had to say

"So much work goes into searching & applying for rentals."
"Verification is a lot of work, especially to submit forms for every application."
"I want better filters for quality results."
"The roommate interview process is tedious."
"Virtual tours should be a standard."
"I use so many platforms just to find the one home right for me."

I learned so much about the problems these renters had faced in the past. Every type of bad roommate, and even fraudulent rental listings.

With a deeper understanding of the market and demographic, a User Persona was developed to keep the design focused on real users.


With a redefined problem and user persona in mind, it was time to map out the primary and secondary goals for our product.

Aurora's defined flow as she would experience our product while searching for her next home and roommate.


Below are my earliest interations of how I imagined our product might take advantage of available screen space.

Further developement and iteration of these initial ideas led to a set of more defined mid fidelity wireframes of the product.


PADX Mobile

Your next place and awesome roommate are just a click away

We set out to find a better way for today's generation of renters to find their next home and roommate.
See for yourself

Fun & engaging onboarding

Setting out to create a fun & engaging onboarding experience so that our users could easily feel comfortable and confident while telling us more about their next home.

Sectioning the onboarding process into two parts, one for home matching, and the other for roommate matching.

Giving the user a choice as to where they wanted to start was also very important so that they did not feel pressured in any way throughout the process.

The Details

Clean and simple, yet still fun & engaging. It was important to always provide users with options.

Providing an opprotunity up front for them to set any specifics regarding timeframe, or even allergies to pets.

The Home

See why the place is right for you with the new Padx compatibility wheel.

Snapshot view of the amentinty & search criteria available at this rental.

Additional offerings displayed directly below so that nothing goes unnoticed.

The Roommate

Work backwards from perfect and see who is already interested in the place.

Once a listing is favorited by the user, they will see others who also are interested in that listing.

The match score dial translates to convey roommate compatibility, so that its easy for users to see who might be a good fit.

The List

List view offers vibrant rental listings packed neatly with priority details so that users can easily browse many listings without missing any important information.

Introducing, Match Score. A comprehensive overview of a listings compatibility with the user's search criteria.

Large scale to offer greater detail on the foremost face of the listing.

Users can favorite a listing or swipe left if it is not a good fit for them.

The Map

Location is everything

Vibrant map interface, featuring home and community view options.

Concise and informative listing information within the map experience.

Trending location indicators for quick interest browsing.

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